How to deal with life changes

If you are in the middle of a life transition you'll probably feel confused or lost at some point. I'd like to share with you a metaphor created by Carol McClelland, that will help you to understand the process and perceive it in a natural and easy way.
Thinking about the seasons will help you to know where you are in your journey and where to focus on: 


You start feeling a change in your life, you are getting ready to it.
→ Accept the change, look for resources and support


It's time to retreat, reflect, reconnect with your vision. There are moments of darkness but sooner or later you spot some sparks of hope 
→ Give yourself time to think and to be on your own, take care of yourself. Be patient, it's good to stop, it's a good time to refill energies and make a plan


You have a plan, and it's becoming a reality, you will feel it bursting into bloom 
→ Trust yourself, enjoy the progress, the beautiful things that are coming to your life once you've left your past behind


Finally, you've got what you wanted, you are enjoying the new situation and it's time to celebrate your harvest  
→ Celebrate your success, allow you to enjoy it and share your happiness with others!
Every time you feel lost in the middle a life transition because you can't see the light in the middle of the storm. Remember that live transitions are natural events like the change of seasons. Embrace every change as a gift to enhance your life.